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Analogue Love: Yashica
Analogue Love Yashica

When I was in the States a couple of years ago I picked up this little 35mm Yashica on a trip to Goodwill or was it Savers...where ever it was they are both filled with so many things I wanted. Thrifting is SO much better in America. Anyway, this modern film camera was a dollar fifty so I said to myself, why not! It unlike the rest of my analogues as it has an automatic progressing system. A basic point and shoot if there ever was one. I've not used it as much as the others but it has produced some interesting pics and may get another outing soon. I used the standard black & white 400 speed Lomography film, my go to place for film (the HK store is round the corner from my house). With some dodgy batteries and film in, I took the Yashica out on an expedition in and around the city. I wasn't so used to the way this camera functions and I was having trouble even taking photos (the dodgy batteries). Once I got used to the system it was easier to handle (slightly embarrassed at the lack of ability here). Unsure of what would be developed from the roll I am pleasantly surprised by some of the results, check them out below:

Analogue Love Yashica 1
Analogue Love Yashica 2
Analogue Love Yashica 3

The above shots were taken on the way and on Cheung Chau. A great little fishing village, 30 or so minutes from Hong Kong Island.

Analogue Love Yashica 4
Analogue Love Yashica 5

Back alleys are always a great insight on how a city lives, hanging laundry is a permanent feature of older Hong Kong buildings. 

Analogue Love Yashica 6
Analoge Love Yashica 7

The contrast between the cobbled streets and the high rises never ceases to amaze me. For how much longer we will have the older I am not sure. Think it might be time to dust off the ol' Yashica and capture some more moments.

It's almost the weekend!


All photos by me.