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Update: Summer 2019
Dawn Dress, Berlin

Dawn Dress, Berlin

Just like that Summer 2019 is almost over, where did it go?

We didn’t even get to a lake like we wanted, or have more picnics in the park. The summer seems to have left without warning and left behind muggy grey skies.

So, what have we been up to if our summer adventures were not ticked off the to-do list?

We have been busy planning our new collection, ofcourse! The latest instalment from our namesake label will hopefully reach more sustainable fashion lovers whilst still adhering to our core values.

How you ask?

As you know we have crafted new designs from old vintage pieces before, we are now taking this one step further by creating fabric from vintage and second hand so as to make more than one garment and possibly more than one size. We are pretty excited, (and scared but mostly excited). So far, the sketches are done and we are getting ready to make magic happen with the fabric.


It has been a lot of work, requiring a lot of patience but we are sure it’s going to be worth it! Follow our Instagram for updates on the process and a sneak peek at the latest pieces from our Berlin studio.

Happy Monday


Travel Diary: Scotland Mini Trip

We took a quick break from the heat here in Berlin to go back to Scotland for a few days, see the family and explore the countryside and cities. It’s always good to be back in the homeland, here is a little snippet of what we got up to.


Road Trip: We took the car up north for a few days (we hail from the central belt of Scotland) travelling past Loch Lomond, Glen Coe (the most stunning road we’ve ever driven), Fort William and Fort Augustus before reaching our fave Highland spot Ach-Na_Sidhe, Dores just outside Inverness. It is a lovely B&B with all the comforts of home, if you are ever in that area you have to stay with Marsaili, she is a friendly and a wonderful hostess, you can check them out here . We also stopped into the very cute Dores Inn for a bite to eat, it sits on the shores of Loch Ness. We kept an eye out for Nessie but only managed to spy a couple of deer bouncing along the road on our way home.


Next stop was the Isle of Skye, where we drove over the bridge and headed up to Portree, making a pitstop at the Oyster Shed for some Oysters (obvs) and seafood on the way at Carbost. The food was pretty yum, I mean who doesn’t love fresh seafood?!


Once in Portree we wandered around the pretty painted harbour before joining the rest of the tourists for some more seafood at The Lower Deck. We opted for Cullen Skink and Mackerel Paté to start with a 1kg of Mussels to finish us off. When you’re by the sea it would be rude not to, right?


We spent the night nearby in an airbnb before taking the ferry from Armadale to Mallaig the next day, a short cut of sorts - we were headed towards the Glenfinnan Viaduct for some Hogwarts Express style sightseeing. We sadly were too late to see the famous steam engine (it only crosses the viaduct twice a day - we didn’t check the times) but the viaduct itself is worth seeing and there is a cafe and museum to visit as well.


Like you would expect with Scottish weather there was sun and showers which created the best moody atmosphere when driving through the mountains but it also gave us the most amazing rainbow we’ve ever seen. Some Harry Potter magic right there.


One back down in Lanarkshire, it was back to venturing around the cities. Glasgow is somewhere we pop into more than once when we are back, whether to catch up with friends, take the family out for dinner or just to wander through it’s streets. This trip we tried the menu at Ox & Finch, we weren’t disappointed. The small plates were ideal to share and were very yummy. Will definitely be back next time we are in town. We also went back to the gorgeous Gin 71 on Renfield Street to sip gin in the prettiest of pink settings.


A holiday wouldn’t be complete without a trip to the beach, we took a drive down to Troon, and walked the beach counting the marooned jellyfish and collecting shells. Not quite a sunbathing and cocktail type beach but sand and sea all the same. Just along the coast is Prestwick where we stopped for ice cream and watched people play mini golf on the promenade. Classic British Summer Time.

Time at home well spent.


All images by me on iPhone and Fuji Instax.

Thoughts: On Sustainability

It’s Sunday, and it’s raining here in Berlin. We started the below ramblings back in August 2018, funny what you can forget to publish when life happens. So here we are, tucked up in bed with the laptop re-reading our past thoughts and agreeing that they are still relevant.

Sustainability now seems to be a buzz word. More and more people are talking about it, and hopefully taking action to become more sustainable. Even the big fashion producers are taking steps towards acting more sustainable. However, is it all still about getting the consumer to buy more and not better? 

Our thoughts on sustainable fashion come from tackling the issue of fashion and textile waste and turning what we already have into something new. Educating ourselves and others to see past outdated silhouettes and turning them into timeless pieces that fit into any wardrobe. If you follow our Instagram you will be familiar with our #vicandlilycollection. Our in-house label which turns vintage clothing into tops, shorts and jumpsuits etc. You could say that we too are just using sustainability to push for more sales, but what we really want is to build a community that sees what can be achieved from old, unwanted garments. We all have things that we no longer want, need, fit in to and although donating is a great way to declutter we could always take a step back and think whether we could change the item in question to something else. Now we are not saying that everyone can sew a jumpsuit from a dress, but changing a hemline or removing sleeves are small, simple steps that can instantly change a garment.

As a community we should strive to be more aware of what sustainable fashion means. Let’s educate each other in what can be done before we purchase our next item. Let’s have clothes swaps, join sewing bees and make something together. Let’s make the future awesome.

Happy Sunday


New In: Salvage Collection - Jumpsuits
salvage jumpsuits-01.jpg

You may have read our first salvage collection story about our runner shorts (read it here) and you will be pleased to know that we turned some dresses into jumpsuits.

vic_n_lily_salvage jumpsuits-02.jpg

As with all our salvage projects once we take the garments apart we are able to see what exactly we have to play with, allowing us to use the fabric in the most effective way. All handmade in our studio here in Berlin we think the results are some fine looking garments, hopefully you agree.

vic_n_lily_salvage jumpsuits-03.jpg

These will be available here very soon.

Happy day to ya…vx

New Arrivals on Etsy

We've been here in Berlin for almost 2 months now and we are loving it so far. We finally got our studio organised so we are back to re-designing for our label. You might've noticed that we are also continuing to add cute vintage pieces to the shop too.


There are some fancy dresses that will be the start of many a conversation as well as some cute skirts that can be a staple in the best of wardrobes.


These should keep you browsing til we can drop the next selection from our own label.


Happy Humpday !

x x x

vic & lily collection
∆ Teri Palm Print Tee

∆ Teri Palm Print Tee

Hooray! Launching today we have the first few pieces in our vic & lily collection. We have dabbled in the past at redesigning or updating vintage pieces that have found their way through our door but this collection has been completely handmade from scratch from unwanted and outdated vintage garment fabrics. Recycling in a completely new way.

∆ Suzy Striped Crop Top

∆ Suzy Striped Crop Top

Taking silhouettes that we love, we created the patterns that would make this first collection be all about basics. Easy to wear shapes that can be dressed up or down depending on how you feel. Every piece has been made by us, cut from fabrics that were once vintage garments, carefully taken apart and utilised to ensure minimum wastage. It is as sustainable as we can get it - for now. We love creating new from old and these are just the first pieces of our namesake collection, which hope to build on from our new studio in Berlin.

∆ Teri Check Print Tee

∆ Teri Check Print Tee

Prices ranging from £22 - 35 (US$28-45), it is handmade, sustainable and affordable. Current sizes are S-M. The vic & lily collection will be available on Etsy, head over NOW! 

Happy Friday Everyone!



News: Introducing the Salvage Short

We are so happy to introduce to you our little labour of love for the past few months, the Salvaged Short. 


Salvage by name and Salvage by nature. Each pair of the shorts had been made from fabric that was once something else. Whether it be an ill-fitting dress or unloved silk blouse, each original piece was taken apart and the salvaged fabric re-cut into our shorts. Even the binding is made by hand, selected from other unwanted pieces. Each pair is unique in their own way.


Our decision to go with this track style silhouette was comfort. We love the ease in which this style can be dressed up or down, can be worn at home or out on the town. It's perfect for down at the beach, lunch with friends or even that important dinner date. How do we know? We tried it. We road tested our very own pair, they are our new uniform.


We have used a range of printed fabrics for these little shorts, including silk versions (our personal favourite). We'd love to hear your thoughts, don't be shy. 

There are a limited number of these, so head to our ASOS Marketplace store before it's too late.


Happy Monday Folks!





World Recycling Day

So, today is World Recycling Day. Never knew that. Thank you people on Instagram that are more aware than I for bringing it to my attention. The term 'recycling' can be interpreted in so many different ways these days. For example, it is something I do almost everyday. My kitchen counter has a special 'zone' where the plastics, glass and paper go, so that come Friday they get collected by the big ol' recycling truck to be reincarnated into something even more fabulous. Then there is recycling of products - which is more fun to talk about than where you put the used cereal box - like clothes, shoes, your dad's turntable etc. Personally, I've always been one to donate old clothes, toys, books if they were in a condition to do so. I have also been one to buy goods that were second hand - I was born in the wrong era, I'm a sucker for nostalgia, what can I say. I've found many of my camera collection in second hand stores, saved me many pennies. To me it's not recycling as such as more of a way to get rid of the old to make room for the new. And if you can help others whilst doing it then everyone's a winner. Recycling it seems is now almost crucial to slow down the damage we are doing to the planet, we as consumers are contributing to so much waste whether it be fashion or otherwise that we are running out of space. We just have to think - is it all worth it?


For vic & lily, recycling is our business, we find objects and make them available to those in search of them. It's more like re-homing. Even our HQ is filled with awesome 60s furniture that has had a previous life. We love it. We believe in it. We do our bit. Try it, you'll probably love it.

x o x o 

New In: ASOS

It's the end of the first month of 2016 and boy did it go fast. We've had the craziest of weather here (there was a snow, thunder and lightening moment yesterday) so we thought it was about time to add some new summery items to the shop to make us dream about the warmer months to come. 


It has taken us awhile to adjust to the colder climate of the UK, layering has been key to dressing albeit at the cost of free movement. All we keep thinking of us the long summer evenings. 

You can shop all new and current items over in the ASOS boutique here

Happy Monday!



Shop Update: New In.

It's gotten quite chilly, and after years of warmer climate we've had to perfect the art of layering here at vic & lily HQ. As well as a digging out our winter coat. 

If like us you are in need of some cozy layers we've added some sweaters and coats to the shop, like what you see? Head to ASOSMarketplace to see our full collection of goodies.


Happy Wednesday!


DIY: Festival Pouch
Festival Pouch DIY 1

With festival season underway I thought we should try a DIY that was functional for festivals (FFF, can we make that a thing?). And what could be more practical than a pouch?! Making your festival handsfree. Perfect.

Depending on what kind of gal (or guy) you choices for fabrics can differ. We went for a mixture of fabrics and patterns - this is a great project if you any scraps. You want to make the pouch a size that will fit all your must-have items, so it can be as big or as small as you like. We made ours big enough to fit a phone, coin purse and some bits & bobs of make-up. 

Here's what you'll need:

Festival Pouch DDIY Supplies

Fabric - I would use a heavy weight like canvas, denim, leather etc

1x 9 1/2" x 10 1/2"

1x 9 1/2" x 8"

1x 2 1/2" x 3 1/2"

2x Snap Fasteners

1 1/2" Wide Tape/Ribbon - we used Herringbone - if desired

Sewing Machine...Needle & Thread can be used too.


Here's how we did it:

1/ Taking the smallest piece of fabric (2 1/2" x 3 1/2") press 1/2" on all sides. Stitching down the shortest sides.

2/ Fold the largest piece of fabric so that is 6 1/2" x 9 1/2" wrong sides facing together. Place the smallest fabric in the centre of the this large piece and pin in place. Stitch down the longest sides of what is now the belt loop.

3/ To the top of this large fabric add one side of each of the snap fasteners, on the right side of the fabric. Set round 1" from the edge of the fabric. 
Repeat this step on the remaining piece of fabric.

4/ Press the edges of both fabrics (next to the snap fasteners) 3/8". 

Larger Piece, fold and press 3/8" edges on the each side 3" down, fold 1 1/2" and pin in place then stitch to secure.

Smaller Piece, fold top edge  1 1/2", press and pin in place. Stitch to secure. 

Festival Pouch DIY Step 4

5/ Now place the the two pieces of fabric right sides together. Starting at the bottom and pin in place on three sides. Stitch to secure leaving 1/2" seam allowance. Start at the top of the larger piece, sew as close to the edge as possible.

6/ Turn the pouch inside out and press. 

Festival Pouch DIY Step 7

7/ Now for this step you can either use a belt or like we have done here, cut your desired length of ribbon/tape diagonally at the ends and feed it through the belt loop on the pouch.
And thats it!

Festival Pouch DIY Finished Item

And you are ready to hit the festivals!


Behind the Scenes: Making new from old

As a vintage seller I am always searching for new pieces to add to the shop. As well as finding ready to list styles I often find pieces that have 'potential'. Sometimes there are dresses or skirts or tops that have the cutest print but the shape is not quite right (look more like tents than dresses) which I know that with some redesigning I can use the fabric from the old style to make a whole new one. We have been spending most of our time here at vic&lily HQ going through our 'potential' pile and deciding which new garment we'd like to make it into. It's been fun brainstorming ideas for the new lives we will be giving to each of the fabrics.

Here is a sneak peek at what we have been doing so far:


... vic&lily... December Favourites

We can't quite believe that Christmas is only two weeks away, where has 2014 gone?! The past few months have been pretty quiet at the shop but fear not we are working hard at bringing you some new and new to you items over the next few weeks just in time for the start of a new year. I leave you with our current favourites in the shop for December...


1/Petite Doctor's Bag, 2/ Camel Coat, 3/ 1950s Crochet Gloves, 4/ Floral Print Dress,

Side note: The gloves actually belonged to my Grandmother.

Seasons Greetings!


...vic&lily...August Favourites

Summer is almost over and I don't know about you but I am looking forward to some cooler temps, perhaps even an autumn breeze. I am loving the prints that we have over in the shop, you could say I am little obsessed.

Here are my faves:



Perfect for the coming autumn months no?

1/ Pineapple Print Dress, 2/ Lace Polkadot Blouse, 3/ Leaf Print Skirt, 4/ Bright Print Dress


Are you a print person?


Happy Wednesday Friends!



Handpicked by I'm a Norbyah

NorbyahPicks Selling vintage has introduced me to some really great customers, especially here in Hong Kong when I get to meet them face to face. And when one of your customers keeps on coming back I think its safe to say that we become friends. One such customer is Norbyah of I'm a Norbyah, who not only loves vintage but wears it well too. As well as teaching, blogging and being a mum she has been kind enough to take some time to handpick some vintage pieces for the shop.

All the pieces that were picked will be listed in the shop throughout June and July, so stay tuned for them.

First to be released are these gorgeous dresses, they are available to purchase NOW!

[gallery type="circle" ids="885,884,883"]

1/ 40s Style Printed Dress, 2/ Nautical Print Dress, 3/ Mauve Printed Dress


Happy Friday!




How to...Make your own bralet

IMG_5523A I came across some beautiful embroidered silk blouses awhile back but unfortunately they were too damaged to wear (sad face). After seeing some customized bralets over on Pinterest I thought that it would be the perfect way to use the fabrics from these blouses ( I hate waste) and make my very own. I am a huge fan of the bralet as they are pretty enough that if they can be seen its not so offensive (unlike the t-shirts bras my mother sends me, love you mum) and they are functional too.

So here is how to make your own bralet:

What you will need:


Template - I am using a store bought one as a template (size small) that I picked up at Urban Outfitters.

Fabric - I used embroidered silk but most lightweight fabrics will do.


1" Elastic - for band

1/4" Elastic for straps

Hoops & Buckles

Hook & Eye


Sewing Machine & Thread - can also be achieved by hand if desired.


Step 1.


[gallery type="square" ids="788,786,787"]

Using the template as a guide cut out two identical (or as close as you can for patterned fabrics) triangles from both the main fabric and the mesh leaving a seam allowance of 1/2" / 1cm around. Mark where the dart will be with some chalk or notches.

*measurements are roughly 6 1/4" on two sides and 7 1/2" on the bottom*

Taking one main fabric and one mesh triangle, fold in half with the right sides facing each other. Tack from top to bottom along the dart line and then sew to secure.

Once sewn fold out and press.

Repeat on the other side.

Step 2.


Folding both sides of one triangle in towards the mesh side 1/4" tack along the edge then stitch to secure, I chose to use the straight stitch here but a zigzag stitch would've worked too.

Repeat on other triangle.

Step 3.

[gallery type="square" ids="790,791,792"]

Taking the wider elastic (1") cut the length long enough to fit around your chest comfortably, for me it is 24"(+2" for hook & eye fastening). Fold in half and lay flat, take a pin and mark the centre.

With right sides facing down place the two triangle on the elastic, one 1/2" either side of the pin, set 1/2" from the bottom edge. Tack the triangles in place, then sew. Using your stitch of choice, again I went for a straight stitch.

Step 4.

[gallery type="square" ids="793,794,795,796"]

Fold the top of each triangle over 1/4" and stitch to secure.

Taking the thinner elastic (1/4") cut two lengths,  18" long and the other 1 1/2" long. Taking 1 of the plastic buckles feed one end of the long elastic through and fold 1/2". Stitch to secure. Using the plastic hoop feed the elastic through and fold towards you and feed through the buckle. Take this loose end and sew it to the top of the of on of the triangles, ensure that it is attached securely - I tested this with a couple of light pulls.

[gallery type="square" ids="797,798,799"]

Now take the shorter length of elastic, tack to wide elastic band on the same side as the triangle that you have just attached the strap to. Set about 3 1/2" from the edge. Fold the loose end through the same plastic loop and tack again to the wide band leaving 1/4" loop, trimming the excess. Secure the loose end on the wide band. One strap complete.

Repeat on the other side.

Step 5.

[gallery type="square" ids="801,802,803"]

Last step is to attach the fastening. I opted for a single  hook & eye but snap fasteners could work just the same. Folding over the edge of the elastic 1/2" at each end stitch the 'eye' to the left hand side and the 'hook' to the right. Add a row of stitching to the elastic to secure.

And you are done!

vic&lily bralet DIY


I think I want to make more...