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How to make use of scraps...Leather - Part 3

LC1 The final part (from these pair of trousers anyways) of what to do with leather scraps is here (finally!) After seeing this really pretty COS collar necklace I was inspired to create a leather version, here is how I did it.

What you'll need:

what you need

Leather scraps

Gross Grain Tape or Ribbon

Beads/Sequins for embellishment

Fabric Scraps for under the collar.

Needle & Thread



Template - paper

Step 1.

collar template

I created a template in paper before cutting the shapes out of leather to ensure it was the right size and shape I wanted. Once I finalized it I pinned it to the leather and cut out the shapes.


Step 2.


Depending on what kind of collar you want yours to be (bling, subtle, rock n' roll) will depend on your design for the embellishment. I decided upon a more subtle look and chose to have matt metal sequins. Depending on which design you are looking for will depend on the design, I was torn between just embellishing the edges or covering the whole collar. I opted to do the second option. I started at the point and worked my way up...this is fairly time consuming, but perfect to do in front of a good movie.

Step 3.


Take the fabric you have chosen as lining and cut out shapes like in Step 1. using the template only cut 1cm/ 3/8" from the edge. Keeping the template pinned to the fabric use an iron to fold the excess fabric over the template this will allow the raw edges to be hidden when attached to the leather. Repeat on other side.

Removing the template place the fabric on the corresponding leather shape and pin in place.


Taking the Gross Grain/Ribbon measure and cut two lengths 15"/38cm. Attach one length to each side of collar with a needle and thread. Cut the loose end at a diagonal to reduce fraying.

With a needle and thread join the two pieces together, I chose a simple running stitch to sew them together.  Repeat on the other side.


Step 4.

Attach the two pieces together at the inner point. Start by creating a few stitches on one side first then connect to the other.


And Viola! You are finished! This is a fairly easy project and can be repeated using different fabrics and designs.

Hope you have fun making your own version!


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How to: DIY Camera Strap

A few weeks ago I came across this beautiful camera strap from Bloom Theory via Ruby Press. I have wanted a new camera strap for a while now, the standard ones that come with your camera are so boring(or at least mine was). So, with this new inspiration I decided to make my very own DIY sparkle camera strap. As ever, here is how I did it. (Don't be alarmed by the many steps, I broke it down to make it easier to follow...I hope)

What you will need:

Step 1.

Using the original camera strap as a guide, cut the strapping to the required length.

Step 2.

Do the same for the gross grain tape.

Step 3.

To add some extra detail I used some lace trim that was just a little wider than the strapping. Measure out the length using the original strap as a guide.

Step 4.

Living in HK I am fortunate enough to be close to a fabric market where they have swatch cards available. I gathered a few cards of sequin fabrics to use for the centre of my strap. You can also just use scraps or actual fabric. These swatches are around 2" wide.

Line up the pieces/fabric to the length of the strap.

Step 5.

As the sequin swatches needed to be joined I faced the right side of the fabric together and pinned in place.

Then using a sewing machine (or hand-stitching if you don't have a machine) I sewed the pieces together.

*this step can be missed if you are using one length of fabric
Step 6.
Next fold in each side of the sequins towards each other so that you are left with around 1".
Then, pin the sequin fabric to the centre of the lace. This can be quite tricky, or at least it was for me as the fabric didn't want to stay folded...patience is a virtue.
Step 7.
After the sequins are pinned to the lace, I then pinned that to the strapping. If you would prefer to sew the sequins and lace together first, you can. Once pinned I sewed all three together, sewing along both ends also.
Step 8.
Now its time to attach the gross grain to the ends of the strap. I set the gross grain 3/4" from the edge of the strap.
As this is a strap for something rather precious I double stitched this bit. Don't want it falling apart...tears may happen.
Repeat for other side.
Step 9.
Almost there! Now taking the piece of thick fabric or in my case mock leather, trace round the outline of the original shape that covers the ends of the strap. You will need to do this 4 times, 2 for each side - front and back.
Cut the pieces out.
Now, place one piece face down. Next place the strap on top and cover with the second piece. Pin in place.
Again I used the sewing machine, but this could be done by hand. I used the original as a guide for the stitching I used. The box stitch will help to secure the strap and make it stronger.
Repeat on the other side.
Step 10.
Finally, add the buckles to each strap. To finish off the ends of the gross grain use a lighter to seal the edges, max. 4-5 seconds each side.
*Please be careful when doing this, flames can be dangerous. Also best to do this in a ventilated area to be safe of nasty smells that might occur from the tape.*
Attach to your camera and you are done!
Photo taking has never looked so stylish!
I also tried this out with other bits and pieces I had lying around.
Happy DIYing!