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How to make use of scraps...Kids Cushion.
DIY Kids Cushion

  DIY Kids Cushion

The scrap pile has started to mount and I have been scouring pintrest to help me find an end product for all my odds and ends. I came across some cute images of cushions for kids rooms and thought it was perfect idea. I have opted to go for an animal shaped like this one here. Perfect for a little one and perfect for my scraps.

So here is how:


What you will need:



Embellishments for eyes etc - if desired.

Needle & Thread


I decided to make a bird shaped cushion so I drew out a template of the size and shape I wanted for the body and the wings.


Step 1.

[gallery type="square" ids="957,958"]

Iron out the fabric required for all parts of the cushion. Taking the template for the body and pin it to the corresponding fabric. The fabric should be double layer - one for each side. (note: the fabrics don't have to be the same). With the right sides facing each other.

Once pinned cut the shape out leaving a 3/4"/2cm all the way around the edge.


For the wings pin the template with the two pieces of fabric right sides facing each other then cut the exact shape, no allowance.


Step 2.

For the body use the template as a guide and mark along the edge with chalk or pencil, then remove the template.

Step 3.


Taking the wings, select a position on the body and pin one to each side. Using a blanket stitch attach the wings to each panel. I choose to use this stitch to create more interest in the cushion but a straight running stitch in co-ordinating thread would be fine.

[gallery type="square" ids="962,963"]

At this point, also embellish the cushion as per your intended design. I chose to use buttons for eyes, sewn on as tightly as possible so as not to come off too easy.


Step 4.


Place the body panels right sides together and pin to secure. Tack along the chalk line leaving the a small gap at the bottom open.

Using a sewing machine or by hand sew along the tacked line.


Snip the seam allowance at the curves to allow for a smooth edge when turning out.

Step 5.


Turn the body inside out and stuff as much as or as little as you want. My little bird will be quite plump.

Step 6.


Pin to secure the open edge and then handstitch along the edge to secure - I tried to be as neat as possible.

Step 7.

Voila! Your little cushion is complete!

photo (20)


I think I want to make an owl next...what about you?




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