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How to make use of scraps...Leather - Part 3

LC1 The final part (from these pair of trousers anyways) of what to do with leather scraps is here (finally!) After seeing this really pretty COS collar necklace I was inspired to create a leather version, here is how I did it.

What you'll need:

what you need

Leather scraps

Gross Grain Tape or Ribbon

Beads/Sequins for embellishment

Fabric Scraps for under the collar.

Needle & Thread



Template - paper

Step 1.

collar template

I created a template in paper before cutting the shapes out of leather to ensure it was the right size and shape I wanted. Once I finalized it I pinned it to the leather and cut out the shapes.


Step 2.


Depending on what kind of collar you want yours to be (bling, subtle, rock n' roll) will depend on your design for the embellishment. I decided upon a more subtle look and chose to have matt metal sequins. Depending on which design you are looking for will depend on the design, I was torn between just embellishing the edges or covering the whole collar. I opted to do the second option. I started at the point and worked my way up...this is fairly time consuming, but perfect to do in front of a good movie.

Step 3.


Take the fabric you have chosen as lining and cut out shapes like in Step 1. using the template only cut 1cm/ 3/8" from the edge. Keeping the template pinned to the fabric use an iron to fold the excess fabric over the template this will allow the raw edges to be hidden when attached to the leather. Repeat on other side.

Removing the template place the fabric on the corresponding leather shape and pin in place.


Taking the Gross Grain/Ribbon measure and cut two lengths 15"/38cm. Attach one length to each side of collar with a needle and thread. Cut the loose end at a diagonal to reduce fraying.

With a needle and thread join the two pieces together, I chose a simple running stitch to sew them together.  Repeat on the other side.


Step 4.

Attach the two pieces together at the inner point. Start by creating a few stitches on one side first then connect to the other.


And Viola! You are finished! This is a fairly easy project and can be repeated using different fabrics and designs.

Hope you have fun making your own version!


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How to make use of scraps...leather - Pt. 2

A couple of weeks ago I shared a 'How to' for making a clutch with scraps of leather and I promised to share the other ideas I had so here is #2!

I am lucky enough to be aunty to the cutest (ofcourse) little niece ever. So with her in mind I thought I'd make a little pair of moccasins. I would say this was a slightly more time consuming DIY compared to previous projects - having real sized feet would be a great advantage.

So here is what you will need:

Leather (or fabric) Scraps

Shoe soles - if you plan to wear outside

Large needle and thick thread - I used embroidery thread

Hole Punch



(pins to hold things in place too)

Step 1.

By using a template (draw round a shoe or foot) cut out and pin to the underside of the leather. Next cut around the template around 1cm/ 3/8" from the edge.

Step 2.

Using the same template pin to the shoe soles and cut around the edge. Next pin the shoe sole to the corresponding leather sole, making sure the right side of the shoe sole faces out. Taking a needle and thread (I used grey) stitch the two pieces together leaving 0.5cm/ 3/16" around the edge.

Repeat for other sole.

Note: this step can be skipped if you are not planning on using these outdoors or walking.

Step 3.

Once both soles are finished, using a template as a guide cut out the leather for the upper part of the moccasin.

*This was the trickiest part as I didn't have a shoe or little foot as a guide I had to guess how much to use. In the end I didn't use as much as I expected. It all depends on how high you want the moccasins to come up the ankle/leg also. Patience is key here*

With the rounded part at the centre begin to stitch it to the sole. Position the upper so it is face down with the edge on top of the sole, pin to secure if needed.

Using the thread and needle ( I changed to pink to make it more girlie) use large stitches and begin to sew around the sole gather the top so it fits along the shape. Once the whole sole is attached, sew up the back seam. Now the front should look a little strange, this is OK. What I did was made a slit down the centre about 6cm from the base - this may change for different size shoes, I suggest to cut a little then increase if needed - then made a fold with the edge going to the outer edge of the shoe. Secure at sole with extra stitches if needed. Trim round the top of the shoe if you feel it is too high.

Repeat for other shoe.

Step 4.

Next cut two strips of leather 3.5cm/ 1.5" wide. The length should be enough to go around the top of the moccasin. Taking one strip, snip 2.5cm/1" into the strip roughly 1cm/ 3/4" apart to make the fringing. Pin around the edge of the moccasin and stitch with thread.

Repeat for the other side.

Step 5.

Using a hole punch make 6 holes in each shoe - 3 on the top layer and 3 on the under, equally spaced apart. (I decided to use pink ribbon for laces but you could use cord or traditional laces). Using the needle thread the ribbon through the holes and tie a bow at the top.

Repeat on the other shoe.

And you're done!

A unique gift or if you have large scraps a great gift for yourself!

Happy Wednesday Everyone...will you give it a go?


How to make use of Scraps...Leather

As you have probably guessed I don't really like to throw much away especially when it comes to bits of fabric. Call me a hoarder if you like but I try and re-use/upcycle as many scraps into something also helps the environment and saves a few pennies too!

So, the other day I picked up these vintage leather trousers and made them into shorts. I was able to do so without any sewing - yay! However, I was left with two 'legs' of leather. Too much to toss out so I got to thinking...what can I make out of this?

I have come up with not 1 but 3 things I can do with said scraps (rather impressed with myself). The first of these ideas is a leather clutch, super simple and easy to do (hopefully). The other two ideas will be shared over the coming weeks, promise.

So here is today's 'How To'...leather clutch from scraps...

What you will need:

Scrap of leather or fabric.

Sharp scissors

Tape measure


Hole punch (I used an ice pick)

Needle n' thread

Stud with screw attachment

Metal edges - if desired

Step 1.

Take one leg or scrap of leather/fabric and open up and lay flat, face side down.

I decided I wanted to make an envelope style clutch so I made a rough template as a guide:

I pinned it to the fabric and cut around the edges.

Step 2.

Using the template as a guide fold the side edges in first and press the leather with a hot iron - be sure to be careful when using the iron.

Repeat with remaining folds. One complete up pin the template and remove.

Step 3.

Pin the bottom flap (one with straight edge) to the side flaps. Taking a needle and thread sew along the edge for about 3" / 8cm. Do this on both sides.

You could use fabric glue for this if you are not confident with sewing or the leather is too tough.

Step 4.

Taking the metal corner edges slide one on each bottom corner. Using a small scrap place over the corner (to protect the metal) and press firmly with pliers. Repeat on other side.

This step can be skipped if you don't want/have metal corners.

Step 5.

Using the template or your eye as a guide mark and punch a hole through the top and bottom flap. Also punch a hole through a small square scrap. The scrap will help to secure the screw stud from ripping through the leather.

Taking the screw part of the stud pop it through the scrap then the bottom of the clutch then screw the stud on until its tight.

Step 6.

If like me your hole punched a hole a little small for your stud, snip the leather in a cross and the stud should go through easier.

And viola! All what to put in it?!

Happy Wednesday Everyone!


How to: Make use of Scrap Fabric - Clutch
IMG_2434 copy

When I saw these strips of fabric I knew that I would be able to make something, I don't really like waste and this fabric was quite fun. I decided that the bold colours and patterns would make a great little clutch. So here is what I did...

Step 1.

I divided the strips into two piles, one for each side of the clutch. Each strip was about an 1 1/2" wide and 6" long. I laid them flat and overlapped the edges. Pinning them in place.

There is around 16 strips for one side.

Step 2.

As I wanted this to be quite a rustic look in keeping with the fabric I chose to use a zigzag stitch on the sewing machine in a contrast red thread.

If you don't have a machine this could easily be done by hand using any stitch that will secure the strips together.

Repeat Steps 1&2 for other side.

Step 3.

For a fastening for the clutch I chose a zip. To attach the zip, I placed the zip right side down facing the right side of the clutch panel. Pin in place then stitch to secure. Repeat for the other side.

Step 4.

Now with the panels attached to the zip, face the right sides together and pin along the edges.

Ensure that the zip is open so that you can turn it the right way when sewn.

Step 5.

Tidy up the loose thread and it's finished! Then all that is left to do is decide what to use it for...

note: you can choose to line this if you are looking for a more finished piece. Just cut your chosen lining to the size of the finished panels and sew together along 3 edges. Turn out and attach to finished bag along opening under zip.

What will you use yours for?