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Analogue Love
analogue love smena

analogue love smena Sometimes I like to wander over to ebay and browse the many, many vintage cameras that people have to sell. In an ideal world I would trawl through charity shops and antique malls in person but I live in Hong Kong where these sorts of places are rare and very very tiny hole in the walls. With ebay you can search from your sofa and you can travel the world seeing what it has to offer. On one such wander I came across a Smena 8 camera, I liked the look of this little gem and decided to watch it for awhile. It didn't take me too long to go back and purchase said sure to check that if you want to use cameras bought from ebay (or other sites) that they are in working order. When it arrived a week or so later (from Bulgaria) I was very excited to use it. It was similar to the Diana but with more twisty bits with numbers, the instruction booklet was in Russian so I just trusted my gut and loaded a film.

Now, confession time. I have only shot with this camera once and had actually forgot about it until I was going through some photographs (I'm ashamed). That being said I actually like how some of the photos turned out and will need to pack it for my next adventure. Below are some of my shots from that debut roll, I was in Manila for the weekend and took the Smena with me. It's a wonderful city and had plenty of things to capture.







I love it when things are rediscovered, don't you?



Analogue Love

analoguelove1 It's a well known fact that I love film photography, so many things about it excite me. From taking the photos to the end results (especially the end results) I love the process. I am incredibly fortunate to have many a vintage and new film cameras and I thought I would share some of my images with these here.

First up is my favourite the Pentax K1000. It takes by far the best photos - i LOVE it. I have travelled to many places and captured countless images with this gem. I have used standard 35mm film which gives me gorgeous photos but I also love to shoot with the Lomo Redscale XR 50-200 which at the moment is out of stock - I do hope they make some more. This film is the best for sunny trips to the beach or desert as the colours are saturated and have a dreamier quality than regular film.

I don't shoot nearly as much as I'd like to, must try to change that. Here are some of my favourite images taken on my trusty Pentax.

Analogue Love 1

Analogue Love 2

Analogue Love 3

Analogue Love 4

Analogue Love 5

Analogue Love 6

Analogue Love 7

WWII Tunnels, Hong Kong 2014


vic & lily <3 angalogue

Happy Photo-taking!