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By the Book: Embroidery Stitches III

Emb3 I've been a bit slack on my learning embroidery stitches, no excuses other than life got in the way I suppose.

For my third instalment, I have attempted the following stitches:

Back Stitch Threaded


This was pretty easy as far they go my only concern was how much of thread to leave for each winding stitch. This definitely could be interpreted in different ways.


Back Stitch Filling - Ringed


This took me three attempts, I blame Gene Kelly and his dancing, was watching An American in Paris at the time. It is still a little wonky but it at least resembles rings. Practice, practice, practice.



Lastly, the Basket Filling Stitch.


I decided to be a little bit more prepared on this one (it felt a little like cheating) by marking out the pattern before sewing. But after my last encounter with embroidery I wanted to at least have a straight example.


Although I have put this off for a month or so, I have to admit I do enjoy it. Need to make a note to work embroidery into some of my upcoming projects.


Happy Stitching.





By the Book: Embroidery Stitches II

IMG_5679 So I have been continuing with my embroidery stitches from the Mary Thomas's Dictionary of Embroidery Stitches. There is something slightly therapeutic about embroidery, all thoughts are on the task at hand making it very easy to tune out the chaos around.

The next stitch I attempted was the Algerian Stitch - Plaited which I discovered was like the one before it, practice makes perfect ( I've yet to perfect it).

IMG_3732 copy

IMG_3736 copy

It is a cute stitch and I can see myself using this on some projects, once I get the hang of it.

Feeling rather adventurous I attempted the Arrowhead Stitch.

IMG_3744 copy

IMG_3745 copy

Although this looked fairly simple it was actually quite tough to have perfect little arrowheads - i should have done what the book said and marked out the pattern rather than freestyling - lesson learned.

I strive to be good or at least capable of doing this. Stay tuned for the next installment.

Happy Crafting


By the Book: Embroidery Stitches

IMG_5679 Whilst in Melbourne this past Christmas I picked up a book at a thrift store 'Mary Thomas's Dictionary of Embroidery Stitches'. It has sat on my desk hidden under piles of fabrics and papers and I think it is about time that I gave it some light and opened it up. I've never really embroidered before, not since the days spent round at my Gran's when I was little. And it's not because I haven't wanted to, I suppose life got in the way of craft. So it is only now that I begin my embroidered stitch journey. I shall now read Mary's Dictionary with the hope it can teach me some basics and I will share my efforts on here. Join in if you like.


For this hobby (lets call it) you need a few supplies:



embroidery hoop

embroidery thread


fabric that you wish to embroider - obviously


I thought it best to start at the beginning and after reading the introduction I felt ready to get sewing.


Stitch 1: Algerian Filling Stitch (click on photo for bigger photo)

Putting the  embroidery hoop on the fabric, I start to sew the Algerian filling stitch, roughly 1cm high, 3 in a row which is staggered in the pattern seen in the book. I'm not exactly perfect at first (see below) but the more I do the more regular the stitches start to become. Practice, practice, practice.



I felt that I was getting into a rhythm and it was surprisingly therapeutic.

photo (12)

Confident that with practice I will be as good as the next grandma I am ready to take on the next stitch.

Happy Stitching!




side note: in the book were these two random pieces of that this tells part of the books previous owner.