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How to...Embellished Cuffs

cuffhowto If like me you often find yourself chopping off sleeves to update a vintage blouse then you too will have lots of sleeves lying around. I never like to through anything away especially when it could be turned into something else, just like these cuffs. Once removed from the rest of the sleeve they instantly look like a statement cuff even without any customization. This DIY can be as easy or as complex as you like. Here is how I DIY-ed my Embellished Cuff...

What you'll need:

IMG_3929 copy

cuffs - removed carefully from sleeves

needle and thread

embellishment - I chose hot fix studs

new button (if desired)

Step 1.


Measure your wrist and then check if the width of the cuff needs to be tighter/looser. Mark your desired width with chalk then remove button. Using your needle and thread sew the button on at the marked position, changing the button if you desire. I kept the original.

Step 2.


Try different layouts of how you want your design to look on the cuff making sure you know what you want to do before committing - this is especially important if you are using hotfix or stones which need to be glued on. Once the final design is chosen it is time to begin fixing the embellishment to the cuff.

Step 3.


Apply the embellishment, whether it be sewing or pressing in studs. For Hot Fix, it needs an extremely hot iron, pressed firmly. Be careful when applying this to the cuff as it can get very hot.

Step 4.


Once all embellishment is complete, you have your new statement cuff!

I also tried out another method using metal studs...possibilities are endless!


Happy DIY-ing this Wednesday everyone!