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How to: DIY a Spike Bracelet

I love wearing bracelets, who doesn't?! It's even better when you make them yourself. After trying out this fab little DIY from the gals over at HonestlyWTF..find it here ... I was hooked. They sure know how to DIY some great bracelets!

I am always on the look out for new ways to adapt something I've learnt and when I  visited the bead market the other day I came across little spike beads and I decided that these were the perfect update for the original DIY.

Here is what I did:

You will need some fine cord (fine enough to go through the holes of your beads), beads - can be any shape, I just love these spikes they measure about 0.7mm high. And to finish it off a button. If you have a measuring tape to hand this will also come in useful.

Step 1.

Measure out 14" of cord and cut it to length, place to one side. Measure another 21" of cord and it cut it to length. Now you should have two length of cord of different lengths.

Fold the longer of the two lengths in half. Taking the other length hold it to the bottom of the folded piece and fold it over at the top.

Step 2.

Taking the folded ends of the cord tie a knot with a loop at the end roughly 1/2" long. Cut the small end from the knot, leaving you with three equal lengths.

Step 3.

Using a piece of tape to secure the loop to a surface, begin braiding the bracelet roughly 1" long.

Step 4.

Once you have braided an inch, start with the left hand side cord and thread a bead onto it. Then braid as before, taking the right hand side cord and thread a bead onto it. Repeat these steps until you have braided around 3".

Step 5.

After 3" braiding with beads, braid normally like at the beginning for 1". Then tie a knot.

Step 6.

Thread two pieces of cord through one hole of the button and tie to the single piece of cord on the underside. Double the knot to secure. Trim excess cord and your done!


Quite a quick and easy way to have a unique piece of jewellery don't you think?