Travel Diary: Bohol

Travel more has always been on my goal list and I actually can't believe how lucky I have been this year with the travelling I have done. Very happy girly. Last month I ventured to the island of Bohol in the Philippines for a relaxing few days for the Buddhas birthday. Once we landed we were whisked away to the port to take our little boat to the island of Cabilao on the west of Bohol. Here we spent a couple of days soaking up the sun, snorkeling and I even tried Scuba Diving for the first time. *very pleased with myself face*

After Cabilao we headed back to the mainland where we rented some scooters to drive to Bohol Bee Farm. As it was my first time to drive a scooter I was a little wary and thought I was speeding at 40km/h - I'm so wild. We eventually reached the Bee Farm and were blown away at the location. Situated at the edge of a cliff with a sun deck on the sea you couldn't really ask for better. We scoffed some yummy organic treats before basking in the afternoon sun. Highly recommend it.

The next morning after some breakfast we headed to back out on the road to Anda with a (massive) detour to the Chocolate Hills. The road to the Chocolate Hills was long, winding and up hill but it was beautiful. Just fields of green and little villages dotted here and there. It was all worth it. Sadly the damage of last years earthquake was still very visible with many churches taking the brunt.

The road to Anda took us along the coast, it was incredible...until it got dark. Then it was just a race to get to our accommodation. With numb bums and sun burn we arrived at the guest house which would be our home for the next few days. It wasn't til we woke the next day we saw just the paradise out of our window. Crystal clear ocean for as far as we could see. It was amazing. For someone who after a bad experience of snorkeling in Bali (jellyfish stings etc) I was all over it in Bohol, even saw Nemo! And some really impressive looking urchins.

All in all, I loved this little impromptu holiday. Bohol exceeded my expectations and it was very hard to board the plane for the return journey home.

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all photos taken by me with my Pentax and iPhone. x