How to...Make your own bralet


IMG_5523A I came across some beautiful embroidered silk blouses awhile back but unfortunately they were too damaged to wear (sad face). After seeing some customized bralets over on Pinterest I thought that it would be the perfect way to use the fabrics from these blouses ( I hate waste) and make my very own. I am a huge fan of the bralet as they are pretty enough that if they can be seen its not so offensive (unlike the t-shirts bras my mother sends me, love you mum) and they are functional too.

So here is how to make your own bralet:

What you will need:


Template - I am using a store bought one as a template (size small) that I picked up at Urban Outfitters.

Fabric - I used embroidered silk but most lightweight fabrics will do.


1" Elastic - for band

1/4" Elastic for straps

Hoops & Buckles

Hook & Eye


Sewing Machine & Thread - can also be achieved by hand if desired.


Step 1.


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Using the template as a guide cut out two identical (or as close as you can for patterned fabrics) triangles from both the main fabric and the mesh leaving a seam allowance of 1/2" / 1cm around. Mark where the dart will be with some chalk or notches.

*measurements are roughly 6 1/4" on two sides and 7 1/2" on the bottom*

Taking one main fabric and one mesh triangle, fold in half with the right sides facing each other. Tack from top to bottom along the dart line and then sew to secure.

Once sewn fold out and press.

Repeat on the other side.

Step 2.


Folding both sides of one triangle in towards the mesh side 1/4" tack along the edge then stitch to secure, I chose to use the straight stitch here but a zigzag stitch would've worked too.

Repeat on other triangle.

Step 3.

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Taking the wider elastic (1") cut the length long enough to fit around your chest comfortably, for me it is 24"(+2" for hook & eye fastening). Fold in half and lay flat, take a pin and mark the centre.

With right sides facing down place the two triangle on the elastic, one 1/2" either side of the pin, set 1/2" from the bottom edge. Tack the triangles in place, then sew. Using your stitch of choice, again I went for a straight stitch.

Step 4.

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Fold the top of each triangle over 1/4" and stitch to secure.

Taking the thinner elastic (1/4") cut two lengths,  18" long and the other 1 1/2" long. Taking 1 of the plastic buckles feed one end of the long elastic through and fold 1/2". Stitch to secure. Using the plastic hoop feed the elastic through and fold towards you and feed through the buckle. Take this loose end and sew it to the top of the of on of the triangles, ensure that it is attached securely - I tested this with a couple of light pulls.

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Now take the shorter length of elastic, tack to wide elastic band on the same side as the triangle that you have just attached the strap to. Set about 3 1/2" from the edge. Fold the loose end through the same plastic loop and tack again to the wide band leaving 1/4" loop, trimming the excess. Secure the loose end on the wide band. One strap complete.

Repeat on the other side.

Step 5.

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Last step is to attach the fastening. I opted for a single  hook & eye but snap fasteners could work just the same. Folding over the edge of the elastic 1/2" at each end stitch the 'eye' to the left hand side and the 'hook' to the right. Add a row of stitching to the elastic to secure.

And you are done!

vic&lily bralet DIY


I think I want to make more...