Travel Diary: Bali, Indonesia

The year of the Horse brought with it a trip to Bali. A trip with some of my nearest and dearest friends was always going to be a good one but everything about this trip excelled my expectations.

I was lucky enough to stay in 3 different locations across the 10 days we were there.

First up was Seminyak. This area was a mecca for local boutiques of both fashion and interiors and there was some yummy eats too. We spent most of our time here relaxing and get some serious tan (read sunburn), the beach was close to our villa and we were within walking distance to places like La Plancha. Bean bags are always a winner for sundowners.

Next we headed to Ubud for some time with nature. And there was plenty of it. The villa we rented backed onto to rice paddies which was home to every insect imaginable and some friendly frogs. While we were here we took a cooking class with the friendly husband and wife team at Paon Bali Cooking. A meal is far more satisfying when you cook it yourself...we ate ourselves into a coma.

We also decided to rent some bicycles here to ride into town, great idea at the time but with narrow roads, traffic and torrential rain it made for some interesting cycling. We did however get to see some really pretty shops, temples and passed a couple of aggressive looking monkeys too (there is a whole forest you can visit).

Our last destination was the island of Gili Trawangan a 2 hour boat journey from the main island. To say its worth it is an understatement. Paradise (with an Irish bar) awaits you when you arrive.

We stayed on the North side of the island a short and sometimes risky horse and cart ride away from the main drag.  There is no cars on the island but it is walkable and you can rent bicycles here too - make sure its from a place with maintained bikes, you don't want to be doing an emergency chain repair in the dark. (Not that, that happened to us, ahem). I loved it here, there was pretty nothing much to do except relax. Perfect getaway. I did stumble upon a cute vintage shop, Casa Vintage which had some pretty dresses and leather bags. They also sell online too.

If you ever make the trip to Gili T I highly recommend sitting up top deck on the boat but when they say you will get wet the are not joking. Make sure you have a waterproof bag with you...or someone downstairs to look after it. The gentle sea spray turns into face slapping waves, which provided us with many a laugh inbetween.

Take me back...xoxo

all photos by me using my Holga(perfect for sunshine beach holidays), Olympus XA2 and iPhone.

*Side note: our evenings in Ubud were spent playing some hilarious games of Charades. We girls know how to have fun.