How to...Make a fold-over clutch

How to DIY Clutch

Clutch I have been seeing a lot of these style of clutches lately and as I have yet to own one I thought why not try to make one. After rummaging through my fabric box I decided upon a black & white printed fabric - was the leg of a pair of trousers I made into shorts. It is thick enough to endure a day out with me and also can match with pretty much any outfit. So here is how I did it:



Fabric 15" x 24" - depending on the size you want Snap Fastener -18L/roughly 1/2" wide Needle & Thread Sewing Machine

Step 1. Fold your fabric in half, right sides together and lightly press. Pin or tack down each side about 1/2" from the edge then sew each side to secure.

Step 2.

[gallery link="file" type="square" ids="686,687"] You now have a bag, turn the top over 1/2", press and then turn over 1 1/2" and press again.

Step 3.

[gallery link="file" type="square" ids="688,689,690"]

Take the snap fastener and sew one part to the centre of one side of the back, ensuring to only sew through the folded layer. Repeat for other part on other side. Tack to secure this fold ensuring to follow the edge of the fold as neat as possible. Once done, turn the bag out.

Using a straight stitch follow the line of the tacking and secure the fold.

Step 4.

IMG_4953 Trim all ends and press. And you're done!

* if you want to line your bag, make a separate bag out of the lining fabric and slip over (seam to seam) the main fabric before securing the fold at the top. This will cover all the seams of the main fabric. ** also, if you choose a fabric that isn't as stiff as you'd like. Iron on some interlining to give it more structure before sewing.