Travel Diary: Boracay, Philippines

Living in such a chaotic city makes traveling to paradise so much sweeter. I recently took a trip to the beautiful island of Boracay in the Philippines. With crystal clear waters and white sand it was hard not to love the place. My favourite morning ritual was to grab a mango and banana shake after a run, super tasty.

Quite the avid wanderer I took the chance to walk to the other side of the island with my camera in hand. Island life was a far cry from the skyscrapers of Hong Kong with many homes made from wood with woven leaf roofs. I instantly fell in love with the colours of the houses and local businesses. Such an eclectic mix making them stand out from the leafy green backgrounds.

Such an amazing place, with nothing to do but sit back and relax. The main beach offered various watersport activities and boat trips. I took the opportunity to go along on one of the boat trips which take you to the perfect snorkeling spots around the island with the hope of spotting Nemo. I didn't catch a glimpse of the little clown fish but did see plenty of others. The best grub on the island was most certainly the seafood that we had on our boat trip, we stopped in a cove where they grilled a whole fish and served it with a homemade sauce and rice. Simple and delicious.

With the cold weather still lurking here in HK I am dreaming of the warmer climes of Boracay. I will definitely be back.


all photos by me on DSLR or iPhone.